Supply chain management

The skilled employees of the seleon GmbH forming the supply chain management team bring expertise from various specialties and industries to their tasks. While they see themselves as service providing unit inside their own company, they also know that they serve you as our customer.

We offer you the complete material flow as all-in-one solution – from acquiring the raw materials to delivering the finished product to the customer.

Our service spectrum comprises the following core tasks, which we perform with passion and with the project and objective in mind:

  • Framing and mapping of acquisition strategies
  • Global sourcing
  • Supplier management
  • Contract negotiations and design
  • Expediting and ensuring the timeliness of the processing steps
  • Quality control
  • International transport logistics (import/export)
  • Warehouse management

While executing these core tasks, we take our clues from your requests, the product requirements and the applicable standards and guidelines. Our comprehensive network and close collaboration with other specialty department at the seleon GmbH help us to execute all tasks very well.

Thanks to our ERP system, we are able to reproduce the necessary information and data on demand and can analyse data upon request.

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