Oximeter for the local measurement of oxygen saturation in the blood

The Oximeter is a measuring device to determine the local oxygen saturation in the blood. It is used at a heart catheter measuring station. It can be used flexibly through its Bluetooth connection to the cardiac catheter measuring station. During an examination using a catheter, it determines the local oxygen saturation in the patient’s heart ventricles without drawing additional blood.

seleon was responsible for the development of the Oximeter up to series readiness of the device. Device features include a compact, robust design, minimal power consumption, wireless operation and wireless data transfer. Various operating states have to be indicated by audible signals. The measuring device has to stand up to surface disinfection. 

The Oximeter is connected directly to the corresponding measuring cannula by the doctor at the catheter measuring station. Automatic measurement of the oxygen saturation starts when the doctor withdraws blood through the catheter. The measurement is shown on the display and immediately sent to the PC by wireless data transfer. Wireless use of the Oximeter makes it easy to integrate into the working environment at the heart catheter measuring station with no restrictions of movement.

Usability is improved in particular by the wireless technology. Thanks to wireless transmission of the automatically determined blood oxygen saturation data to the PC, there are no restrictions of movement.