VivanoTec Pro negative pressure wound therapy


VivanoTec Pro by HARTMANN is light and compact and is therefore equally suitable for inpatient and outpatient use. The VivanoTec Pro negative pressure wound therapy unit can be used for different types of wounds (chronic and actue wounds). The negative pressure therapy ensasures a safe removal of wound exudate and the promotion of wound healing by stimulating cell growth and increasing blood flow to the wound.

During the design transfer, seleon, together with its partner network, had the opportunity to additionally support the customer in the manufacturability of the product with different solution approaches. Appropriate technology partners were selected, different manufacturing processes were tested, suitable materials were identified, and ultimately, together with the customer, approval of a medical product with classification IIa was obtained.
The start of the pilot series was in December 2016, series production started in January 2017 and continues to this day.

  • There are now three different versions of the VivanoTec Pro that are produced by seleon.
  • The product is used in numerous countries and three continents.
  • Since the start of the pilot series, seleon has delivered and serviced several thousand devices properly and less.

A special feature of the production of the negative pressure therapy unit is that it can be used with a lithium-ion battery, among other things, and can therefore be used on a mobile basis. seleon has to ensure that the devices are sent to the customer with the charged batteries and are charged shortly before delivery.
seleon is responsible for the entire supply chain, e.g. raw material procurement, quality controls, supplier management, monitoring of on time shipments, the assembly of the devices according to EN 13485, the complete testing of the devices including electrical safety tests and, depending on the variant, also high-voltage tests. The devices are packed, with accessories made for the different countries, and then sent from Dessau to the right countries and three continents in a decentralized manner. Same perception of the recurring service of the negative pressure therapy units.

Optimum ease of use thanks to an ergonomic design and a light 3-step start system. In conjunction with the low-noise operation and the automatic day and night mode with set display brightness, patient comfort is ensured. The smooth NPWT unit is small, light and robust and is therefore equally suitable for inpatient and outpatient use. High-performance technology of the highest quality ensures reliable long-term operation.

vivanotec-pro-negative pressure-wound-therapy-paul-hartmann-ag
vivanotec-pro-negative pressure-wound-therapy-paul-hartmann-ag
vivanotec-pro-negative pressure-wound-therapy-paul-hartmann-ag