Digital gas mixer for ventilation and anaesthesia equipment

The Digital Gas Mixer is used to produce specified oxygen concentrations (from compressed air and oxygen) or mixtures of no more than four gases. As a modular assembly, it is integrated into various ventilators in paediatrics and into anaesthesia equipment.

seleon gmbh was responsible for development, design and fabrication up to series production of the Gas Mixer. Improving the accuracy and safety of the Gas Mixer was the goal. Furthermore, costs were to be lowered by digitalising the mixing process. For integration into ventilators, the Gas Mixer also has to supply a specified pressure or flow rate. It has to meet the special requirements for safety and alarm functions in paediatrics. Installation in various equipment requires a small, compact design. The number of outputs varies. Assembly must be straightforward and subsequent firmware updates have to be supported.

The Gas Mixer is suitable for a variety of applications in various ventilators and anaesthesia equipment with different requirements and measuring ranges. The oxygen concentration, pressure and flow rate are adjustable. seleon’s comprehensive expertise and experience in the field of ventilator technology led to an intelligent solution in the course of the development process, resulting in a patent.

The entire development and production process for the device was handled internally by seleon according to the DIN EN ISO 13485 standard. The customer received the product developed according to its ideas and holds the patent. Cost-conscious development and production were realised. Device repairs and service are handled on behalf of the customer.