Contrast medium injector for CT

The Contrast Medium Injector was developed by seleon for the intravenous injection of contrast media and isotonic saline solutions for computer tomography in the context of an examination with CT and CT-PET scanners.

An injection pump is used for the reproducible injection of contrast medium into a peripheral vein of the patient through a sterile tube system. In addition to isotonic saline solution, the injector can be loaded and operated with up to two identical or different but compatible contrast media.

Simplified handling needed to be realised with the new development of the entire system. Other requirements for the new device were the faster exchange of disposables and a higher injection flow at an injection pressure up to 20 bar. An aesthetically pleasing appearance and integration into the respective CT environment were also among the challenges for seleon. The more cost-effective production of the disposables was the final consideration for development.

seleon was in charge of development through all phases: from the concept to the functional models, prototypes (including approvals) to the transfer to series production. Both project management and the coordination of external project participants were handled by seleon. The details of the results are examined more closely below. The multi-use disposable system (“pump hose”) encompasses the interfaces to the internal sensors of the device, particle filter and non-return valves. It remains in the device for up to 24 hours with any number of injections. The single-use disposable “patient hose” can be replaced quickly with proper hygiene. The only consumable is a small piece of hose. The electronics meet the strict requirements for patient safety and equipment reliability. These are guaranteed by redundant monitoring and the evaluation of safety-related parameters. In terms of the firmware, the tasks to be completed were distributed across multiple microcontrollers. A panel PC with touch screen is provided for data analysis. Communication to the injector is via Bluetooth and/or fibre optics. seleon worked closely with an external design agency for the mechanics and design. The device head encompasses all sensors, actuators and the injector controller. A universal bottle holder for bottles from 50 ml to 1,000 ml with optional warming is integrated along with a device base including ports for a power supply, batteries and peripheral connections. A solution for mounting on a supporting arm was developed as well.

With the complete development of the Contrast Medium Injector, the customer has access to seleon’s bundled know-how. The company has detailed documentation, both for matters related to development and for implementation and manufacturing. The customer obtains a high-performance, economically successful device with the best service.