Specimen handling robot

The performance and capacity of a robot that transports test tubes were tested using a functional model of the robot. Costs and the technology were optimised using a subsequent functional model. 

Test tubes have to be picked up individually from a transport system by a robot with a gripper system and transferred to racks of five or ten. Empty racks have to be supplied to the robot from a magazine and racks that are no longer required have to be returned to the magazine. Then the loaded racks have to be transported to an analysis unit, analysed and returned to the transport system.

The functional model was built by seleon in six months using standard components. In regards to the mechanical systems, controller development, communication with other devices and cost reductions, the entire task was completed on time. The optimised second functional model is available to the customer for studies.

The first functional model confirmed the feasibility of the project. It was revised to reduce costs and improve the functionality. Now the functional model serves as the foundation for the feasibility study within the overall system for the project.