Heart catheter measuring station

With the Heart Catheter Measuring Station, seleon offers an integrated package for heart catheter examination procedures. Except for the actual catheter, the tube that is pushed through the artery, seleon supplies all of the equipment. The Heart Catheter Measuring Station includes: printers, screens, computers and battery packs. It is connected to the X-ray system in the hospital. Cables up to 30 metres in length ensure that the doctors are free to choose the catheter location.

Task: seleon was responsible for the functionality of connecting a Heart Catheter Measuring Station to an existing X-ray system. A connection to the hospital’s data processing system also had to be established in order to utilise all existing patient data.

Results: seleon ensures the functioning connection of the hospital’s X-ray systems to the Heart Catheter Measuring Station and the further data processing of the measurements that are recorded; in this context, seleon supplies all devices and connections in addition to handling all logistics.

Customer benefits: The customer receives a complex, functioning measuring system that is compatible with the hospital’s existing X-ray and data processing systems. Procurement logistics for the system were completely outsourced to seleon as well.