TNI®20 – therapy with nasal insufflation


The TNI®20 is used for sleep-related breathing disturbances. It was developed as a highly comfortable alternative to breathing therapy devices on the market. 


Key technical challenges were the conceptual design, development and production of an “open system” that does without the common masks and nose plugs. Freedom of movement for the user had to be improved at the same time. Preventing the patient’s nose from drying out was another important requirement. Noise control was a determining factor in this project.


seleon developed and produced the TNI®20, consisting of three components: ventilator, humidifier and applicator. A patented lateral channel blower developed especially for this purpose is used as the air source, setting itself apart with a very high efficiency factor and low noise development. The acoustic containment of the blower requires internal, two-stage air cooling that dissipates the thermal losses at 0.5 K/W. The applicator features heating to just before the user’s nose so that high-humidity warmed air maximises user comfort. 


Patient acceptance of the therapy is achieved in particular thanks to the unique applicator:

  • the “open” system generates virtually no positive pressure while exhaling.
  • Accustomed body position while sleeping: lying on one’s side or face down are also possible.
  • No leakage problems.
  • Very thin tube that is hardly bothersome for the patient.
  • No drying out of the nose. 
  • Separate fan unit: the TNI®20 is very quiet.
  • Intuitive to use, no pressure settings are required.
  • Easy to handle and clean.