airtrust® med – air compressor

The airtrust® med is a quiet, compact and powerful air compressor intended to supply clinical ventilators with clean, high quality compressed air.

Due to the combination of proven compressor technology, robust controls and minimal maintenance requirements, the airtrust® med is a reliable piece of equipment for everyday clinical use or in areas where the compressed air supply is missing or unreliable. The demanding requirements of a contemporary equipment concept are met by the modern design focusing on the essentials and the low noise level. The airtrust® med starts up automatically if the pressure of the central compressed air supply drops below a specified value or if a medical compressed air supply is generally unavailable.

Two versions of the compressor are available. The airtrust® med dry features an additional membrane dryer, therefore allowing for the use of high humidity ambient air or if the air supply must meet special requirements.

Even for small production runs, the OEM compressor can be modified to meet special customer-specific requirements. Customer requirements can be implemented quickly and easily through elements such as the modular firmware concept, the graphical user interface, and an extendible pressure range. Additional interface languages or a customer-specific design are easy to implement.