Airsens: modifiable pressure sensor

Together with the HSG-IMIT, seleon gmbh has developed a new generation of flow sensors with very low flow rates and fast response.

Researching suitable applications for Airsens within the scope of breathing monitoring in the medicine/intensive care fields.

seleon has already developed two applications for this sensor. The first is a configurable sensor that is supplied by a battery and equipped with a Bluetooth module for wireless data transmission. Characteristic curve adjustments or signal filtering that may be required can be programmed in the sensor. Integrating simple applications into the sensor is possible as well. A very low impact on natural breathing with the lowest possible breathing resistance and positioning directly on the ventilation mask were key aspects for the application.

Customer benefits
Airsens can be used to monitor breathing in the sleep laboratory, intensive care unit or a post-surgery recovery room. Physiological harmlessness for the ventilation field has been proven. An integrated filter in combination with a pitot tube helps keep out contaminants. Breathing resistance is minimal. The patient breathes through a disposable. Thanks to pre-processing in the sensor, the data are available for direct use. This device was developed by seleon as a prototype.