The Haemo Base project

The aim of the research project 'Haemo Base' was to develop an analysis unit to be used in a hemodynamic measurement station in the cardiac catheterization laboratory. The use of the analysis unit was planned for different scenarios:

1. As part of a haemodynamic measuring station in the heart catheter laboratory

2. As part of a combined hybrid solution with a haemodynamic and electrophysiological diagnostics measuring station

The development has been implemented up to prototypes being produced by seleon. All documents required to prepare for and support medical approval were created. Preparations for medical approval had to be made for the potential markets of Europe, the USA/Canada and other regions.

seleon had to prepare the design specification based on the existing requirements specifications and the results of the PANG project. 

seleon prepared the design specification, allowing the customer to design what functional device design would be used. Therefore, seleon gmbh developed the system design by means of step-by-step views of the system and its users. It was precisely worked out in cooperation with the customer. 

Advantages for the customer

Thanks to the detailed concept and the associated estimate of the development costs as well as the estimate of the production costs, the customer was able to decided whether to develop the complete system or purchase parts of it.