Scope Pilot – interactive test device for endoscope preparation

The device provides the user with standardised, interactive guidance through the endoscope preparation process. Carrying out the actions is recorded and documented. A central data storage system supports the preparation of statistics for the endoscopes and their use.

All aspects of development as well as subsequent approval of the product for the European and North American markets were assigned to seleon.

During preparation, the device tests the connected endoscope for leak tightness and interior moisture. The user is informed of the endoscope’s condition and guided through the required procedure. Abnormalities on the endoscope identified by the user can be entered using a touch screen. A repair or service order can be initiated directly on the inspection device.

The quality of endoscope testing during preparation has been improved. With standardised, easy to follow procedures, the device guides the user and helps identify malfunctions in a timely manner before the endoscope is damaged more extensively.

Information about endoscope preparation can be viewed and analysed by the clinic and service staff in order to further optimise endoscope use.