Cardiological rehabilitation software: XRCISE CARE

The XRCISE CARE software encompasses versatile and flexible training control in cardiological rehabilitation. Up to 24 patients can be monitored and their therapy devices controlled with this software. Depending on the control method, the load can be adapted by the software automatically and dynamically in order to ensure optimum exposure for the patient without excessive strain.

XRCISE CARE monitors important patient information such as the ECG, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. The load, speed and gradient are available to the therapist through the connection to the training devices.

Comprehensive analysis options help doctors and therapists assess the course of therapy. The system enables doctors to access the training results from their workstation.

Training equipment can communicate with XRCISE CARE over cable or wireless connections. Thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi, patients can move about freely in the training facility. Simultaneous monitoring is possible with no restrictions.